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The fic that I posted yesterday already has a new chapter. I've been writing the next scene in my head for so long that it came together very quickly. It's only a first draft, but I invite anyone to give feedback anyway. I've posted the story to FimFiction. The password is "nimaru":…

EDIT: NEVERMIND! I thought that FimFiction would work this way, but apparently it doesn't. Let's see if this works instead:

Bof4 by Nimaru
I've been struggling between commitments and the difficulty of the story I'm writing for months to write 3 simple pages. It's about half done, but I'd like some feedback on the first part. This story is the most important one to me that I've written and I want it to be perfect. If you feel confident in your writing/editing ability and would like to help, check it out:


No Preview
So know the basics parts and can handle coloring and shading and lighting, but what I can't do that everyone else seems to is draw the eyes RIGHT. Think about Royal sketchbook ,Kilala, Magnaluna. Somehow they're able to make it really clear where the eyes are looking and how they should be placed regardless of which direction the head or eyes are. I don't know if they're rotating it 3d in their mind or if they have references or what, but how the hell do they do it!?

Is there some kind of guide for this somewhere?
So I've planned this video for a long time and finally put together a script and recorded it. I gave my daughter creative freedom to use whatever pictures she wanted to get the point across (she basically made the whole thing) and I think she did a really good job!

Posting to journal instead of just Status because only my watchers can see my status
I'm working on an important fanfiction. It's supposed to be VERY short, but I've never worked this hard to write just a few pages. After more than a month, I'm still not happy and can't make it past the first few paragraphs. This is the most important story I've ever written so I'm trying as hard as I can to get it right, but boy is it hard!

When I get it to a point of being able to share it, I'll be looking for pointers from those of you who've been doing this longer. That is, if I can ever get enough uninterrupted time to concentrate on finishing it!
See for yourself :)

Luau-Winter Willow-Rose Petal by krowzivitch
I just want to raise this point one more time: we need a content filter so we can avoid certain types of art. Some people don't like gore. Some people don't like obesity fetish. It's not asking a whole lot... so come on already.
I broke down and started a Patreon. I’m feeling about as confident in this as I did when I started pony art, when I started doing sketch art, when I made my first OC, and everything else I’ve done until now, but bottom line; I’d love to do so much more than I am, but can’t justify it now. I the Patreon takes off, that could all change.

If that’s not your think please check out the various other ways you can support me:

Use my gift registry site (and show your family!):
T-shirts and stuff:…

Note that while I'm not doing actual commissions, being a Patreon is close to the same thing. I will use the advice and submissions from my Patreons to guild my works.

I have many ideas for what I could be doing:
Comic: Crabapple confronts his Father
Video: Why Rainbow Dash is the worst pony... by far.
Video: Reviews of episodes from the perspective of an older, married, father of four
Story: Celestia's origin story (the one I've been planning for 6 years)

And that's the big stuff. The daily drawings will now be prioritized to the second-tier Patreon ideas and questions (just like the Tumblr/DA comments stuff I've been doing all this time). The third tier Patreons will help me decide at least one Patreon reward art to do each month (like a shared commission). The fourth tier folks will help me decide which video projects I work (though that will be a multi-month project most likely rather than monthly). Fifth tier Patreons will get a chance for a commission/request of their choice every month. For now, I'm committing to five a month, but I may be able to do more (it will depend on response).

I reserve the right to give away a free commission/request to other levels as well just for fun and as a thank you (no promises though; I still have family and full-time work obligations to fulfil) :)

Hey all. I've been arting like crazy recently as you can see. Trying for one piece every day and I've been doing pretty well for the past few months. I don't really feel I'm in position to take comissions or ask for paetron or anything, but you can still help me. I wrote a gift-registry website to help myself and my family keep track of gifts for each other. I could use some advice and feedback on how well it works, how clear the functionality is and so on.

If you want to try it out, check out

Please let me know what you think!
So I'm in love with the work of :iconbanzchan: but I haven't had any luck contacting him to discuss a special request (and his commission information suggests that he doesn't want to take special requests right now anyway). I want to have a family portrait done in semi-anime style like what :iconbanzchan: does so if I can't go to the source, are there other artists who do similar work of similar quality? On or off DA?
I didn't actually get spyware since I knew better than to download and install anything from a website claiming that FIREFOX NEEDS AN URGENT UPDATE (and it was named eepahuntweeps dot net too). But what the hell DA? I gave you the courtesy of unblocking ads, the least you can do is make sure they're not carrying malware. End rant.
Woo! I don't like most MLP merch, but these are adorable. I ordered them way back in May and they're finally on their way! Don't know what I'm talking about? Check them out :D…
My daughter uploaded her favorite art to Redbubble. You can get t-shirts, stickers, and so on if you wish:…
When my daughter first started doing pony artwork, I used deviantart attention to help keep her motivated. Because of that, she did some amazing stuff (some of which you can find on Redbubble now:…). Now that she's written a book, I'd like to see if I can get her some attention to encourage her creative spirit again. She wrote it herself with a little editing help from one of her teachers and me. The cover art was almost entirely hers (though I helped a little with shading). Check it out if you'd like :D…
I've been toying with the idea of making art of my various OC ponies. I was once terrified to make an OC and then, between main characters and background characters, I've designed and named at least 63 unique ponies. Day-um.
I think I may have taken this yak thing too far...

I see that some people are signing up to be Paetrons of the Horsewife and I guess that means they'll pay them a monthly sum... why wouldn't EVERYONE create a Paetron account? Should I do it too?
I finally finished my video version of the "Brony Problem Infographic". It took months of work so I hope you find it to be a useful resource. I imagine people will use it in online conversations or link it to people they know who are bothered by the "brony thing". Hopefully this helps people to understand that bronies aren't anything to worry about.

[video removed because the real thing is up now on my channel]

This is only the first 50 seconds of a ten minute video. It's slow going, but I'm working on it :D
I'm about finished with my draft script for the video version of my "Problem with bronies" infographic. I've spent the last three and a half weeks working on it almost every day because I'm doing my very best to make it a video that anyone (other than hater bullies) can benefit from. I want bronies to be able to point friends and family to it to help them understand what bronies are and what they aren't. It's very difficult balancing the need to put useful data in there without it being too wordy or long or confusing while making it convincing without sounding like I'm attacking the "other side". 

Any takers? Someone with writing or editing experience would be helpful.