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October 22, 2011
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Luna's Studies - Twilight by Nimaru Luna's Studies - Twilight by Nimaru

[Report on Rainbow Dash]

[Report on Fluttershy]

[Report on Applejack]

[Report on Rarity]

[Report on Pinkie Pie]

[Report on Twilight Sparkle]

[Final Report]

This one was one of the hardest to write. I wrote page after page after page, revision after revision trying to get a LOT of information into a very small space. You see, I feel that Twilight is something special in a great many ways (even more than Pinkie ;) ). And I struggled for a while trying to figure out what I would call her "true" element as I had for the others and I considered just calling it "magic" and being done with it.

However, after thinking about it, I realized that if there is such a thing as magic in this world or theirs, love is the only possible answer. Using this as a base, I described everything Twilight is from the perspective that she is practically bursting with love and just looking for ponies to share it with.
Let's be honest, most of us can see ourselves in these ponies and, for me, the one I identify most with is Twilight. Smart, talented, modest (ok maybe not that one, but I'm realistic!), socially awkward and unable to easily form friendships, but earnest to learn, help and teach. Twilight, though a work of fiction, is like a kindred spirit to me, kind of like the little sister I never had. I laugh at her frustrations, I cheer for her accomplishments, and I hurt when she sad, scared, or upset (Lesson Zero was really awesome, but hard for me too).

I guess to me, Twilight represents to me how amazing love is. How is it that us bronies can feel such strong devotion and affection to the world that Lauren and Hasbro created for us and all the ponies within it? Why is it that I know the deep sadness Celestia must feel knowing that the ponies she loves will someday be gone? The answer is love. Maybe it's love for a fantasy; an idea, but what's wrong with that? I'm in love with the idea that there really could be a world where love is the rule and kindness the norm. After all, friendship is magic, but love is even greater.

EDIT: Holy shit! My man card just self ignited and burned to ashes. Ah well... who needs it anyway?

EDIT 2: Yes, I know I'm biased, but I tried to tone it down to keep it fair. Some of this is naturally going to be focused on Twilight, but she IS the main character with a special destiny so, meh.
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angelic20 Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
wait... love?
..Okay re-reading this... it's like you had already guessed that Twilight would transform! o.0
Most of the fandom had that theory so I can't claim it. I'm just glad to see that it happened.
Maximilian-McMonkey Nov 10, 2013   General Artist
First of all, I'm impressed at the thought put into these and I especially appreciate your description of their personalities. Even though reading them pretty much all at once was a little difficult. They were a good read, so it wasn't really hard. :P I could mention the two or three things I didn't totally agree with, but that would just be nit-picky. Regardless, I'm impressed. It's a bit refreshing to see someone put so much thought into the advantages and, more importantly, the difficulties of different personality types. It's important to realize that people have different things they struggle with that aren't their fault but are still their responsibility to work out. ...and you did in a way that didn't come across to me as cynical, which I really appreciate.

At first I didn't get why you chose the word 'love' to describe Twilight's element but after reading it and the description, it makes more sense. In fact, it reminds me of certain descriptions of God. That God's love is inseparable from His power and that they are essentially one in the same. So maybe you're on to something there.

It also reminds me of something I thought up more on my own: Real, loyal, devoted friendship, the kind of friendship that never gives up and always forgives, is the purest form of love, save for only a love of a parent maybe. I say that because you don't need to love your friends, there's no commitment like there is for family. If they say crap you can leave and never come back. You choose to love your friends, unlike with physical attraction which is hardly in one's control. Maybe one can try to influence the kind of person you like a little, maybe.  It's more like you just pick a group of people to hang out with and hope for the best. Who you choose as a friend is completely up to you and shows the merits of your character.

While friendship may not be the most powerful form of love, in a way it's the most sincere, or at least can be. The fact that it's not required gives it more merit or meaning in a way. I guess I'm really talking about each love at it's best.... Like if you die for your child, that's expected. If you die for some one you're in love with, that's dramatic and makes a nice story but isn't surprising. Yet if you die for a friend, it in a way means more because your love has less power. It's not as easy and is less obligatory. It's in a way more of a sacrifice.

Now friendship may not be the most important or meaningful form of love and the loyal friend is probably going to be more loyal in the other forms of love. I suppose that's where the different forms of love come together. I guess it's really the commitment and sacrifice that really matters, not so much who the recipient is. I guess I'm talking about true love, which can take any form, really. I guess it's not friendship, so much as that the less you're emotionally invested in a person, the less obligatory it is, the more one's sacrifice and loyalty mean something. Heh, I don't know. It's all connected anyway.

Ehhh.... That was longer than I'd planned.... Sorry for the hugeness of it. You really got me thinking. I guess that means you're doing it right. ^_^'
I'm glad you like it!
Maximilian-McMonkey Nov 11, 2013   General Artist
Hmnyes.... Yes I do. =o
For those complaining about Cadence being the Alicorn of Love, and The element being of friendship and etc.

TvTropes present you the Four Loves (…

So Twilight is Phileo, and Cadence is Agape/Storge
I think this need to be updated:

1) Love is already taken by Cadance, so Twilight would need to be Friendhip or Faith.

2) Twilight destiny end up to become Alicorn of friendship ( or of magic ), but the transformation was not forced upon her, more likely she was guided by Celestia to become Alicorn.

My current theory is that Celestia and Luna were normal ponies who live in Equestria during Discord regin ( I bet Discord came at some point and took over ), Celestia and Luna tried to find a way to stop him and they somehow found and unlocked elements ( but it was not easy, they had to pass many challenges to do it ), after some hardship and strengthening bonds with one another, Luna could control 3 elements, when Celestia could use 3, as result they turned themselves into Alicorns and raised again Discord turning him into stone, and they became princesses of Equestria ( as strong heroes, ponies wanted to follow them ).

In Crystal Empire, Cadance was crystal pony who created Crystal heart so ponies could use love as magic source and banish cold from they city ( no wings, no horns, so no magic without Crystal Heart ), as result Cadance turned into Alicorn as well.
Then at some point some dark evil smoke came and took over empire, and then it used Crystal Heart to gain physical form ( I do not buy the idea of immortal super powerful dark magic Unicorn, I bet Unicorn was just a form he took so he could rule, when being a shadow smoke was his true form ).

Cadance run to Equestria to ask for assistance, and Celestia and Luna did not used elements again him, they just used they powerful magic ( in Sombra defeat scene, they used magic from they horns, not elements ), and also, mane 6 did not took elements to fight Sombra, so maybe elements would not work again him, who know.

When Sombra took crystal empire with him, Cadance was stuck in Canterlot as princess with no subjects and power, so she took small jobs to pass time, spread love here and there, and also played with age changing spell or illusion spell to look younger ( more easy to interact with ponies when you are small and cute ).

When Luna became jealous of her sister and turned into Nightmare Moon, she defeated Celestia in battle as she cut Celestia from her power source, the sun, so Celestia tried to use elements again her sister, the problem is that she controlled only 3 of them, she tried to use all 6 ( for example, Luna was loyalty, honestly and laugher, Celestia was magic, kindness and generosity ( or maybe Celestia was laugher and Luna was generosity, I am not sure ), anyway since Celestia was not honest, loyal and generous enough, instead of healing Luna, she end up banishing her, and since bond with her sister was broken, elements turned into stone and magic was lost forever.

After 1000 years, elements found a suitable bearers and used RainbowDash to contact with them ( I bet sonic rainboom was result of elements trying to conect with they future bearers ), Celestia noticed it, made sure that all element bearers are in Ponyvile and that Twilight is well trained and prepared, and she manipulated them to safe her sister ( lets be honest, she was not banished by Nightmare Moon, without elements it is impossible to banish Alicorn, Celestia just watched from sidelines with hope that her student wont die while trying to defeat Nightmare Moon ).

Nightmare Moon was still part Luna, so instead of killing every pony, she tried to scare of mane 6 ( she could kill them easy in direct fight, her traps were more of attempts to scare mane 6 off, she tried to stop them without killing them if possible ).

Twilight and her friends after becoming new element bearers and passing many challenges together strenghtened bonds with one another, Celestia made sure to find an excuse for Twilight to keep elements with her ( reforming Discord ), and then she send one unfinished spell what change destiny for a final push, and just like Celestia and Luna, Twilight turned into Alicorn, and Celestia right away made her princess ( being a princess does not mean ruling Equestria and paper work, it is more of like being a Sage, or a Wise one, Twilight will still do what she do best with some extra challenges and learning ).

Maybe the rest of mane 6 will become Alicorns as well but later ( as Twilight was the most developed from them all ), or Twilight will be the only Alicorn as she is the only one with enough skills and magic and knowledge to handle being Alicorn, while her friends wont become Alicorns but will still be kept alive for a long time by elements of harmony, who know.

Thats my current theory/head canon.

I hope that with new episodes and data, you will also update yours ( and hopefully in season 4 we will finally get some answers on elements and alicorns themselves so that we will finally get a canon answer ).
So far, I don't see any conflict between canon and my stuff (nothing major anyway). Cadence's talent may be love, but it's not her aspect/element.
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